Bowen Kerins is a mathematician, professionally-ranked pinball player, and the Director of Rules and Programming at Spooky Pinball. He has won many major tournaments and consistently ranks in the top 10 players of the WPPR and PARS rating systems.

Tournament placings

Tournament Division + placing
Pinburgh 2001 A Division: 3rd
Pinburgh 2002 A Division: 3rd
Pinburgh 2003 A Division: 1st
PAPA 7 A Division: 13th (tie)

Doubles Split-Flipper Mini-Tournament: 1st (w/Roy Wils)
Single-Handed Challenge Mini-Tournament: 1st

PAPA 8 A Division: 1st

Single-Handed Challenge Mini-Tournament: 1st

PAPA 9 A Division: 10th
PAPA 10 A Division: 4th
PAPA 11 A Division: 2nd
IFPA 5 1st

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