Funhouse is a pinball machine produced by Williams in 1990. Designed by Pat Lawlor, its most recognizable feature is Rudy, a talking interactive doll head.

This table is included in the compilation video games Pinball Hall of Fame: the Williams Collection and The Pinball Arcade.


The main goal of the game is to take control of Rudy's fun house by advancing the clock to midnight and putting Rudy to sleep.

Midnight Multiball

Making shots and hitting switches advances the clock. At 11:30, Rudy becomes unhappy with the player and two balls can be locked in the Hidden Hallway; the first lock changes the lock to 11:45, and the second to midnight.

At midnight, Rudy goes to sleep and snores. Shooting the ball into his open mouth awards a million points and starts Midnight Multiball. The trapdoor is lit for Million Plus scoring and opens for 2 million points. Once scored, shooting the center ramp opens the trapdoor again for 3 million points, etc, up to 10 million points, or until Midnight Multiball ends.

Mystery Mirror

Shooting the Mystery Mirror scores one of several awards, including a Quick Multiball and a Super Frenzy after collected them all.


Qualified on the Crazy Steps, Frenzy is a timed round started at the Trapdoor. All switches score. Super Frenzy, available after collecting every Mystery Mirror award, acts similarly but at higher value.

Other Rules

Each Rudy hit adds 50,000 points to the end of ball bonus (or an instant 1 million points during Quick Multiball, or if the Million light is lit) and a Rudy Gulp while he is talking awards 250,000 points.

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