High Speed
Manufacturer Williams
System Williams System 11
Designer Concept: Steve Ritchie
Designers: Steve Ritchie
Programmers: Larry DeMar
Artwork: Mark Sprenger, Python Anghelo
Music: Steve Ritchie, Bill Parod
Sound: Larry DeMar, Eugene Jarvis, Bill Parod
Software: Larry DeMar
Release Date January 1986
Production Run 17,080 (confirmed)

High Speed is a pinball machine produced by Williams.


  • The game's concept was inspired by an incident in which Steve Ritchie was pursued by police for speeding at 142 MPG in his 1979 Porsche 928.
  • The voice of Dispatch is played by Tim Elliott while the officer is played by Steve Ritchie. They recorded their lines while speaking on 2 way radios.
  • High Speed was the first machine to use automatic replay percentaging. It was also the first to have a multiball jackpot that grew and held-over game to game. High Speed was also the first machine to use Williams' System 11 hardware.
  • Due to the game's popularity, Rare Ltd. developed an adaptation of High Speed for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991.

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