John Borg is a pinball machine designer and technician who did work for Data East/Sega/Stern from 1992 to 2001. According to, he returned to Stern Pinball in 2007, designed Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and is now heading up their design team.

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Year Title Company Credits
1992 Star Wars Data East Design
1993 Jurassic Park Data East Design
Last Action Hero Data East Design
Tales from the Crypt Data East Design, Mechanics
1994 Guns N' Roses Data East Design
Richie Rich Data East Mechanics
1995 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Sega Design
Apollo 13 Sega Mechanics
1996 Twister Sega Design
Mini-Viper Sega Design, Mechanics
1997 The Lost World Jurassic Park Sega Design, Mechanics
1999 Harley-Davidson Stern Design, Mechanics
2000 Striker Xtreme Stern Mechanics
Sharkey's Shootout Stern Design, Mechanics
2001 High Roller Casino Stern Mechanics
Austin Powers Stern Concept, Mechanics
2007 Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Stern Concept, Design