Joshua Henderson is a professional pinball player. He is currently ranked 47th in the world and 30th in the United States.[1] In August 2014, he was the seventh ranked pinball player in the world.[2]

Emerging as one of the youngest tournament players, Henderson has secured multiple victories and achievements. At 12 years old, he won "B" Division at the PAPA 13 World Pinball Championships in 2010.[3] Two years later, he won "Juniors" Division at PAPA 15. He has since won the first two Illinois State Championships and has placed as high as second in PAPA "A" Division.[4][5]


Henderson attributes childhood visits to arcades with his father to getting into pinball. His first competition was a juniors tournament at the 2006 Pinball at the 'Zoo show in Kalamazoo, Michigan. After his father identified his talent, Henderson began attending more pinball shows to compete in tournaments.[6]

He transitioned to adult divisions in late 2008, where he has been competing ever since. Henderson has placed among the top eight in PAPA "A" division multiple years: among them, he has finished second, third, and fourth at PAPA 15, 16, and 17, respectively. Henderson won the first two Illinois State Championships, though on both occasions was unable to represent the state due to school obligations.

In an November 19, 2017 episode of Pinball Profile hosted by Jeff Teolis, Henderson stated that he "[has] nothing to prove", content with not winning PAPA out of beliefs that such a victory would eventually lose its novelty. He notes that he has been prioritizing education and maintaining professionalism over victory. Henderson also discussed his aspirations to be an author, having joined a local writing group and published a novella in its first annual anthology.[7]

Tournament results

Tournament Division + placing

Juniors 2nd

PAPA 13 B Division: 1stJunior 2nd

A Division: 5th

Juniors 3 rd

PAPA 15 A Division: 2ndJunior World Pinball Champion: 1st


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