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Lyman F. Sheats, Jr. was a software engineer and professionally-ranked pinball player. He was formerly employed at Stern Pinball.

Sheats initially programmed games for Data East and Williams. After the latter exited the pinball industry in 1999, Sheats joined Stern. He was known for his extensive rule sets and theme integration, and was responsible for popular titles such as Spider-Man, AC/DC, Metallica, The Walking Dead, and Batman.

Sheats died by suicide on January 21, 2022.[1]

Tournament results[]

Tournament Division + Placing
Pinburgh 2003 A Division: 7th

One Ball Mini-Tournament: 1st A Division: 3rd

PAPA 7 A Division: 1st

Triples Challenge Mini-Tournament: 1st (w/Bowen Kerins, Joshua Sharpe)

PAPA 8 A Division: 3rd
PAPA 9 A Division: 1st

One Ball Challenge Mini-Tournament, Expert Divison: 1st
Tommy Mode Mini-Tournament, Expert Division: 1st

List of credits[]

Year Title Company Credits
1994 The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard Data East Design, Software
WWF Royal Rumble Data East Software
Guns N' Roses Data East Design, Software
Richie Rich Data East Design, Dots/Animation, Software
Maverick Data East Concept, Software
1995 Attack From Mars Bally Software
1997 Medieval Madness Williams Software
1998 Monster Bash Williams Software; commentary during "Lyman's Lament" mode
1999 Revenge From Mars Williams Software

The Sopranos

Stern Concept, Software


Stern Concept, Software
Stern Concept, Software


Stern Software
  • 24
  • NBA
Stern Software


  • Batman (Standard Model)
  • Big Buck Hunter Pro
  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man (LE)
  • James Cameron's Avatar
  • James Cameron's Avatar (LE)



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